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Generate a 6-figure passive income!!!

The RecruiterPro™ component of The Global Talent Exchange™ is specifically designed to help recruiters leverage their passive network of professional contacts into supplemental income.

Our platform pushes Referral Opportunities out to Recruiters which are relevant to their Professional Network. Our platform offers a superior user experience through our app which can easily be accessed from a smart phone when connected to the internet. It literally takes less than two minutes to make referrals for any given Referral Opportunity.

Our Recruiter partners get preference on the members they register onto The Global Talent Exchange™ which are assigned to their Professional Network. These professionals will generate passive referral income over time.

RecruiterPro™ Value Proposition
  • Supplemental Earnings Opportunity
  • Free Referral Opportunity Leads
  • Candidate Marketing
  • User Friendly Mobile Access
The Global Talent Exchange™

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Social Referral Network

Monetize your entire Network!

"TerraTal's Social Referral Network is allowing me to monetize the dormant portion of my network of professionals. The application is easy and as their opportunities grow so do mine. I can now supplement my traditional placement income with very little effort."

Ken Forrester

Why TerraTal?

Free Leads

Our Digital Platform (The Global Talent Exchange™) offers a centralized exchange (RecruiterPro Dashboard) where Referral Opportunities are posted. You determine which Referral Opportunities are worth your time.

Altruistic Benefit

This is an easy way for you to help the candidates that do not get hired. You can become an agent for your candidates helping them uncover other career opportunities and get paid if they are hired for a Referral Opportunity position.

Monetize your Passive Network

You spend years networking building up a large list of Professional Contacts of which you might place 10-30 of them in one year. What do the other 99% generate for you? Our platform offers passive income potential on your dormant network.

Access On The Go

We have created an user friendly App that allows you to easily access, manage and track Referral Opportunities listed on The Global Talent Exchange™. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to make a referral. Then you are on with your day.