Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Professionals

TerraTal was founded in Dallas, TX, in the Summer of 2014.

TerraTal was created by Aaron Hoffman, Brent Ruge, John Hennessy, and Chris Baumgartner.

TerraTal was created for two purposes 1) to alleviate the frustration and pain for Employers associated with the process of identifying viable candidates with the appropriate skill sets and credentials to meet employer's specific business needs, and 2) to alleviate the frustration and pain for Professionals associated with the process of identifying career opportunities that not only align to experience, education and skills but also meets specific personal and behavioral needs.

For employers TerraTal simplifies the challenging process of finding viable candidates that are truly aligned to the employers business needs. Our solution can truncate the timetable down to minutes versus as long as months making the hiring managers and recruiting resources effort much more efficient and effective, not to mention significantly less expensive.

For professionals TerraTal simplifies the process of looking for their next career opportunity. Our solution builds a true picture of what they are interested in from both a professional and personal perspective. We bring the opportunities to the Professional’s door step instead of them having to waste hours, days, week, or possibly months looking for one let alone several that are great fits. Our proprietary technology all but eliminates the guess work of finding the right opportunities.

To create a Professional Profile, simply click the professional’s button on our home page to register. Once registered it will automatically guide you through the process of creating a profile.

On average, our process takes around 15-20 minutes to complete.

We ask 54 questions to collect 74 total variables across 14 domains.

TerraTal uses a sophisticated algorithm to quantify a fit between a Professional Profile and a Position Profile, which an employer creates on our Global Talent ExchangeTM. A Professional's experience, education, skills, attributes and work preferences process through our proprietary algorithms to match to the right opportunities. Employers review a blinded Candidate Profile Report to determine if they want to formally interview the Professional. Once an employer identifies a Professional (or Professionals) that they are interested in, they initiate contact to introduce them into the formal recruiting process.

TerraTal is free for all professionals. Once a Professional is registered and a profile is created, a professional can access their Professional Profile Summary (PPS) and professional dashboard where they can update their profile and monitor their career opportunities that are constantly updating. Employers pay a subscription fee to use the Exchange that varies based on size and utilization factors and a small fee for candidates that are not part of their Professional Network.

Your career profile will remain active in our system until you select ‘not available’ in your profile summary. At that time, you will no longer be visible to any employer.

That’s the beauty of our model.  We have reversed the process so now employers will approach a Professional(s) if they are interested in their profile. Professionals don’t apply for jobs on The Global Talent Exchange™. Employers will see a Professional’s Candidate Profile Report (CPR) if aligned well to their Position Profile.  If the Employer is interested in recruiting the associated Professional(s), they will contact them directly. No more applying for jobs or creating cover letters.  Professionals are able to express interest in a position for which they are over a 50% TerraFactor (match) for by clicking the “Express Interest” button. In essence, Professionals create their own constant free agency market.  Professionals can sit back and let the best fitting career opportunities come to them!

An employer will have access to all active Candidate Profile Reports for review, but contact information is not shared unless purchased by an employer. However, if you accurately identify your current employer we will suppress anyone associated in our system with that organization (current employer only) from being able to see your profile.

Yes, you can update your career profile at anytime for free.

Your profile will run through our proprietary algorithms comparing it to a universe of career opportunities, most of which you may have never known existed or have been considered for, to determine what degree of fit you are to the talent need. If an employer likes your Candidate Profile Report they can contact you to gauge your interest.


If you have other questions please email us at or and we will respond promptly.