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The Global Talent ExchangeTM is committed to creating a fundamental shift in how employers evaluate the initial universe of professionals saving time, resources and money. Our platform:

  • deploys a quantitative assessment tool that quickly identifies the top 10 most relevant and viable candidates based on the employers expressed specific and targeted business needs in the Position Profile they create;
  • makes it easier to sift through the universe of talent, both active and passive, to identify the candidates that possess the right types experience, skills and expertise as well as represent a good organizational fit;
  • streamlines the initial process of determining which candidates are worthy of investing more time to evaluate and ultimately determine the best one to hire; and
  • affords employers the ability to build a viable bench of qualified professionals that can easily be tapped into for future talent needs.
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Social Referral Network

TerraTal's Social Referral Network (SRN) creates a universe of connectivity between employers, professionals, and recruiters highlighting opportunity for all involved. The SRN significantly shortens the length of the talent acquisition process for everyone while materially enhancing the reach of all involved leading to a more successful recruiting experience.

There is no cost to participate for those making referrals such as Professionals or Recruiters. Employers / Recruiters will pay a small reward to access contact information when they identify a candidate they want to speak with. When they hire a referred candidate they will pay a Referral Reward that they designate when they create the Position Profile.

Employers benefit by expanding their audience of referring resources and Professionals and Recruiters benefit by accessing expanded opportunities to potentially augment their current income.

  • Social Referral Network Engaged - Employer/Recruiter engages the Social Referral Network (SRN) and determine the Referral Reward
  • Candidates Referred - SRN (100,000+ Professionals, Recruiters, Referral Sources) refers viable candidates
  • Best Candidates Identified - Employer/Recruiter utilizes Terratal's proprietary system to identify the best referred candidates
  • Candidate Hired - Employer/Recruiter selects candidates to interview and ultimately hire
  • Referral Reward Paid - The referring individual of the professional ultimately hired collects a Referral Reward

Why TerraTal?


Our Digital Platform automates the initial evaluation process by comparing each candidate's Professional Profile against each Position Profile providing quantifiable match results. We can then easily integrate with your ATS system.


Look at all the candidates through a consistent lens that offers comparative analytics across 14 critical domains providing a panoramic view of how well a candidate is positioned to succeed at your company.

Enhanced Candidate Insights

Access 500% more insight on each candidate than what is captured on traditional resumes. (Capture insights such as desired work environment, personal preferences, salary expectations, readiness to make a career change,…etc.)

Create Your Professional Network

Build a network of professionals that can be easily accessed for any business need over time. As your business strategy evolves your talent pool will evolve with your organization.

Our platform delivers a 71% improvement in Sourcing Efficiency and 42% improvement in Candidate Quality.
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