Why TerraTal?


Our Digital Platform automates the initial evaluation process by comparing each candidate's Professional Profile against each Position Profile providing quantifiable match results. Easily integrates with your ATS system.


Look at all the candidates through a consistent lens that offers comparative analytics across 14 critical domains providing a panoramic view of how well a candidate is positioned to succeed at your company.

Enhanced Candidate Insights

Access 60%-70% more insight for each candidate than what is captured on traditional resumes. (Capture insights such as desired work environment, personal preferences, salary expectations, readiness to make a career change,…etc.)

Build Your Professional Network

Build a network of professionals that can be easily accessed for any business need over time. As your business strategy evolves your talent pool will evolve with your organization.

The right candidate is 14X more likely to complete a full profile!!! - Request a Demo or Proposal


  • "TerraTal provides us with a much more targeted approach to identifying qualified professionals.  We are no longer at the mercy of who applies to a job board, and can recruit the right people for our organization."

    Bill Rice
    - CEO
    Messer Financial
  • "TerraTal offers a streamlined way to identify individuals that meet my specific talent and cultural needs."

    Charlie Hunter
    - President
    Hunter Oil
  • "TerraTal is changing the way we evaluate candidates. They provide us with a quantitative assessment of each professional's profile as it relates to our human capital needs."

    Tom Kauss
    - President
    Healthcare Data Partners
  • "TerraTal offers a more cost effective and timely way to identify professionals I want to recruit to my company."

    Brad Womack
    - President
    Womack Transporation