Market Demand

Market Demand

Your Market Demand represents how much opportunity you have on the exchange at any given point in time relative to all of the other registered professionals on The Global Talent Exchange™.  Your Market Demand will fluctuate with the natural economic cycle. There will be periods of time where the market is more interested in your skills, education and experience and periods of time where the market is less interested.


Please note that there are several reasons as to why your Market Demand may be “Limited” or “Very Limited”.  Below you will find listed a few (but not all) of the reasons why:

  • You have a very specialized set of skills and career experience.

  • You are a Senior Executive (SVP or higher.)  (There are naturally less opportunities for these type roles.)

  • You are currently a very highly compensated professional narrowing the list of viable opportunities that you may be realistically interested in.

  • You have geographically limited yourself in your Professional Profile.

  • You have a very specific requirement for type of employment (part-time or contract) or work schedule.

Again, these are some of the reasons (but not all) for why your relative Market Demand is identified as “limited”. Your Market Demand is relative to the other Professionals on The Global Talent Exchange™.