Announcing TerraTal's Mobile APP - Manage Your Career Opportunies From Your Mobile Device(s)

TerraTal Refferal

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We are excited to announce the new TerraTal APP.  Download our new App to manage you career opportunity including easily track your TerraTicker™ value and Market Demand.  The app allows you to easily identify and quickly access your Career Opportunities and Referral Opportunities on an ongoing basis to make sure you stay connected to the market.


Through the App, you will be able to monitor in real time how the market values your career experience, education, and skill sets. You will be able to view your individual market demand.  In addition, you will be able to easily access and review Career Opportunities from anywhere, expressing interest in the ones that are intriguing to you in real time.  You can simply update and manage your profile as you career progresses.


Finally, you will be able to easily access the active Referral Opportunities from your dashboard, refer members from your Professional Network or invite new Professionals to join The Global Talent Exchange™.  Download the App today and start accessing Career and Referral Opportunities from anywhere.

The TerraTal Team