Announcing TerraTal’s Position Marketing Services

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We have great news!  As part of our commitment to consistently add incremental value for our clients and in response to our clients request for us to implement integrated job marketing / advertising services within our platform, we are announcing our new Position Marketing services.  In addition to our platform helping our clients reliably narrow large candidate pools to the candidates most aligned to their business needs, we provide services that allow our clients to generate high quality candidate pools.  Initially we are launching two services which are as follows:


TerraTal Candidate Sourcing – This service is provided to source candidates aligned to a specific Position Profile.  In addition, to all the candidate analytics and insights already provided, our sourcing department will now solicit a candidate pool and review their credentials.  We recommend the best candidates from the pool allowing you to focus on the most viable candidates during the formal interview and vetting process.  We will offer a tiered level of service starting at $225 per job to source/recommend five high quality candidates. Just click on the tab in your menu bar labeled "Position Marketing" and you will be able to decide which level of service you want to engage. 


Job Board - ZipRecruiter – Over the next few months we will be implementing access to various integrated national, regional and local job boards/aggregators within our Position Marketing services.  Our first integration is with ZipRecruiter, which will provide their highest level of service.  We negotiated a discounted rate to add value for our clients.  This means that our clients will be able to purchase their highest level of service for less than what is offered today.  This service will start at $150 per job compared to what would typically cost more than $300.


We are excited about the impact these integrated services will have in further streamlining our client’s user experience and improving their recruiting performance.  As always, thank you for your continued support and business!





My Best Regards,
Chris Baumgartner,