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The Global Talent Exchange™ offers professionals access to expanded opportunity through an anonymous platform where anyone that wants to reach out to a professional has a vested interest to do so to ensure that people do not waste others time. The differentiation we offer is the Professional Profile reflects not only what career experience and skills an individual has but also what is important to the individual as a professional and as a person. This allows employers to easily determine how well the professional will meld with their company culture and perform in the role they will ask the professional to play. This tool truly offers the professional a way to actively manage their career through unique professional metrics and insights such as our proprietary TerraTicker™. Join today to be considered for career opportunities you don't know exist.

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Maximum TerraTicker Value - $65.10
Minimum TerraTicker Value - $44.30

Introducing the TerraTicker™

Ever wondered - How much are my talents worth in the Market Place? How much need is there for my experience and expertise? Gain a better understanding and monitor the value of your credentials in real-time in the global marketplace through our proprietary TerraTicker™ and Market Demand metrics!!!!

TerraTicker™ - This proprietary metric affords professionals an opportunity to see exactly how their credentials are valued in real time based on the target compensation for active positions profiled on The Global Talent Exchange™ in which they are better than a 50% match too.

Market Demand - This proprietary metric provides insight into the level of opportunity that is available in the marketplace for a professional with their career level or types of career experience, education, skill sets and expertise.

Its free, so Join today and see your TerraTicker™ value and Market Demand!!!

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Our Digital Platform (The Global Talent Exchange™) identifies career opportunities for you without the risk of setting off warning bells for friends, family or your employer.

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Your Professional Profile will get consideration for every Position Profile in our system and identify the career opportunities that are a good fit for your credentials, preferences and personal needs.

Expanded Opportunity

Don't limit your career path. You might be surprised at which opportunities represent a strong match to your Professional Profile including several that you otherwise would not have known about.

Take Control of Your Career

There is no obligation. Only respond to the inguiries related to opportunities that meet your preferences and personal needs. You have the ability to access and manage your Professional Profile for free.

Invest 15 to 20 minutes in your career and let the opportunities come to you!!!
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