About TerraTal

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TerraTal – The Global Talent ExchangeTM

TerraTal was co-founded in Dallas, TX in 2014 with a primary goal of creating a better process for professionals and employers to find each other. Throughout our careers as business leaders, we struggled with traditional talent acquisition tactics and resources to fill critical human capital needs. We determined that the conventional model was broken, so instead of fixing modern recruitment, we chose to reinvent it.

As a result, we created TerraTal - The Global Talent Exchange™. Our creation is an on-line forum that is powered by career matchmaking technology that connects talented professionals and great companies looking to hire highly qualified employees. Terra stands for earth, reflecting the global nature of today’s job market, and Tal is short for talent. TerraTal is a user friendly, on-line platform that lets professionals and companies create profiles instead of resumes and job postings. Professionals complete a comprehensive questionnaire incorporating far more than what is captured in a conventional resume. TerraTal’s intelligent algorithms match the best candidates with the best fitting positions. Employers can view matched Candidate Profile Reports (CPRs) in and out of their Professional Network and when they identify candidates that represent the best fit, they can engage them in their formal recruiting process.