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What is The Global Talent Exchange™?

TerraTal’s Global Talent Exchange™ is a digital platform that redefines the way professionals and employers connect. Our career matchmaking technology simplifies the talent acquisition process providing automated candidate introductions for workplace professionals seeking to maximize their career potential and organizations looking to hire the most qualified, accomplished and culturally fitting candidates.

How The Global Talent Exchange™ works!

Social Referral Network - (SRN)

TerraTal's Social Referral Network (SRN) creates a universe of connectivity between employers, professionals, and recruiters highlighting opportunity for all involved. The SRN significantly truncates length of the search process for everyone involved while materially enhancing the reach of all involved leading to a more successful recruiting experience.

There is no cost to participate for those making referrals such as Professionals or Recruiters. Employers/Recruiters will pay a small fee to access contact information when they identify a candidate they want to speak with. When a referred candidate is hired the Employer pays the Referral Reward that they designate when they create the Position Profile.

What's in it for me?


Can easily identify Professionals that specifically meet their business and talent needs through a quantitative matching system that ranks alignment.

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Get real-time access to the value and demand for their skill sets and career experience on the open market and a universe of opportunity they otherwise would not have known about.

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  • "TerraTal provides us with a much more targeted approach to identifying qualified professionals.  We are no longer at the mercy of who applies to a job board, and can recruit the right people for our organization."

    Bill Rice
    - CEO
    Messer Financial
  • "TerraTal is changing the way we evaluate candidates. They provide us with a quantitative assessment of each professional's profile as it relates to our human capital needs."

    Tom Kauss
    - President
    Healthcare Data Partners
  • "TerraTal offers a more cost effective and timely way to identify professionals I want to recruit to my company."

    Brad Womack
    - President
    Womack Transporation